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Testing Basics | Canvas Sneakers | Converse, Superga, Vans

HEY guys! Thank you for watching, my love for testing basics is reignited so do tell me what you want to see next. Here is my current list:
Linen trousers
Ballet flats
Denim mini skirts
Linen Dresses

Links here too:






What I Wore:

Toteme Jacket:

Re/Done Jeans:

Weekday Jeans:

Raey Cream Trousers:

Raey Navy Trousers:

Everlane T-Shirt:

My Testing Basics videos features items I choose independently or items that are gifted to me. In the event that an item is gifted to me, I will insert a comment below that confirms this the case. The purpose of the Testing Basics videos is to share my honest opinion of an item, with you. I have no intention to influence your opinion in respect of any item, I'm simply sharing my view. I confirm that this is not an advertisement in accordance with the ASA's definition because the brand(s) of the items featured have no editorial control over the content
Charlotte Coulson : Testing blazers
Anna Kreis : high tops are fine for me, cant wear low tops anymore for some reason, always have blisters.
Michelle Yu : My daughter has tried lots of sneakers and the Superga's are her fave in terms of comfort and our fave because they lasts forever. Some of the others just start to look destroyed really fast. My daughter is 5 so her sneakers get a ton of wear. She really tests them out. Ha!
A Je : Love it coming back after one year
Aelisa : Please do or share a video about shoe maintenance.
I am struggling.
Love the video.
Testing basics mini skirts

[5만원대] 수페르가 2750 플러스 진짜 리뷰 (Superga 2750 Cotu Plus) [4K]

오프라인 매장에서는 상품 구하기가 참 힘든 제품입니다.
이탈리아의 스니커즈 브랜드인 수페르가 2750 플러스의 리뷰를 준비해보았습니다. 도움이 되셨으면 좋겠네요! 감사합니다 :)

수페르가 2750 코투 클래식 (쿠팡 최저가) :
수페르가 2750 코투 플러스 (쿠팡 최저가) :

#수페르가 #2750cotu #수페르가2750

오케이리뷰 구독하기 :

레트로시계 재생목록 :

이 포스팅은 쿠팡 파트너스 활용의 일환으로, 이에 따른 일정액의 수수료를 제공받고 있습니다.
이서뿅 : 흰 색 양말이랑 신어도 괜찮을까요?
홍석원 : 단화치고굽이좀있네요? 키높이 티안날까요?
Tiến Dũng Nguyễn : Video mình mở hộp Superga nè
김지민 : 크게 나오는 편 인가요?
나난나난 : 신발 안에 깔창이 3센치라고 하셨는데 그럼 총 몇 센치 키높이가 될까요???

How to lace up your Supergas - Classic

How to lace up your Supergas - Classic




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